March 18, 2018

We Change the Clocks this Weekend . . . Here's How It Might Affect You

10 March 2018, 12:48 | Christie Tate

NEW: Florida passes daylight saving time bill, but what does it mean?

Time changes Sunday morning

The subcommittee voted 2-2 on the measure - Rep. Mary Littleton, R-Dickson - was not present for the meeting, resulting in the bill failing to gain adequate support to move forward. Remember that daylight saving time, despite the title, does not actually create any more daylight - it just shifts an hour of it to the time when many of us are getting off from work. Moving it back when time changes in the fall appears to have a similar risk.

While some babies easily adjust to the time change, others take a little longer, child sleep expert Amy Lage writes on Macaroni Kid. Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio said Friday he would introduce a bill next week allowing the change. Only local governments kept it alive. In theory, we get the hour of sleep back later in the year when we revert back to standard time, but everyone knows the truth: It's another hour of sleep gone forever.

"It also means that the mornings are a bit darker than they would be if we didn't have daylight saving time".

Lawmakers in Florida are exhausted of the whole "fall back" and "spring forward" rigamarole.

Clocks will "spring" forward this weekend in most Canadian households in the semi-annual adjustment to our lives. Those sleepy folks will show up just as services are letting out. It is hard to sleep when it is so light out. However, 29 percent admitted to driving when they were so exhausted they had a hard time keeping their eyes open at some point.

Gaff, a physician in northeast in, like many other people, believes that changing the time on our clocks twice a year "is one of the stupidest things our government has done". Savings in electrical use are eaten up by additional use of air conditioning, studies have shown.

According to, advantages include the extra hour of daylight in the afternoon for those who work later hours, exercise in the evenings or need to complete outdoor household chores such as mowing the grass, gardening or fixing windows, roofs or other parts.

Loss of sleep can cause lingering damage, too, and Americans with Seasonal Affective Disorder could be hurt by receiving less light in the morning.

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Theorizing that disrupted sleep could increase lapses of attention behind the wheel, Coren found an increase in crashes across Canada the Monday after clocks "spring forward", though other studies would dispute his findings.

With Florida's Sunshine Protection Act legislation trying to make Daylight Saving time a year-round thing, here's what to keep in mind when you lose an hour this coming Sunday.

The bill passed unanimously through three Senate committees and in a 33-2 vote in the full Senate on Tuesday.

Florida could become the first state to choose to stay on daylight saving year-round under a proposal working its way through the state legislature.

Florida will then join Hawaii and most of Arizona, the two places that are exempt from the Uniform Time Act of 1966.

Daylight Saving Time has been around for decades.

"The Eastern Time Zone is by far the biggest in the US because areas want to be on the same time as our financial and political capitals", Prerau said.

There are advocacy groups who spend their time and money lobbying for and against changing clocks twice a year.

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