April 26, 2018

'This Is Us' takes a drive through family life with Jack Pearson

10 February 2018, 09:55 | Santos West

'This Is Us' takes a drive through family life with Jack Pearson

'This Is Us' takes a drive through family life with Jack Pearson

Like the first time he taught Randall how to drive, and the fighting between him and Kevin got so bad, Jack made them walk home.

With renewed and determined spirit, Rebecca took her family to Jack's special tree to spread his ashes.

Papa Pearson is not going anywhere anytime soon. Later, an aside between him and the vehicle salesman reveals that he sealed the deal with one of his undeniable, Jack Pearson speeches. Read on below for the defining moments in this emotionally-charged installment of This is Us.

Then there was Jack and Rebecca dealing with a potential health crisis. They get the results right there in the parking lot, and (phew!) Rebecca is totally fine. Last Tuesday we watched Jack's final day on earth ending with the crockpot. He needs them to have the Wagoneer. But she is tough and she can make it.

Here we witnessed the tragic genesis of Kate's self-loathing as she began to truly and fully blame herself for Jack's death. And now, as the show does, I think we're going to hop back in time a little bit - which to me is even more bittersweet because now you have all of those answers and I think it makes those moments all the more poignant, when you look back at the sweet gestures and the time with his family.

In an episode where Jack and Rebecca have been married for years, and have been shaken by the divorce of two of their friends, the couple sit on the bathroom floor of their first apartment and read the wedding vows they recited so long ago. He always thought she loved him more than him. But Jack saying "don't put me in the ground" does remind me of a question I had - does Kate have all of Jack's ashes on her mantle in that urn, or did they scatter some of them?

Over the course of the series, the story of Jack's death unfolds, as a hint about his cause of death is woven into nearly every episode. I'd love to see the whole run of this woman's life. They decide to go, obviously, that's what Jack would have wanted. The kids were taking care of things - not taking care of her, but taking care of themselves and the world around them for the time being. Kevin didn't handle his grief well, and once he saw Jack's watch on Randall's wrist, his brother made the ideal target for his anger.

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The therapist told me I had severe post-traumatic stress disorder with symptoms of survivor guilt, which is quite common in people who have survived things like war, natural disasters, illnesses, and accidents. She panics as the family crosses a bridge under construction on their way to a Weird Al Yankovic concert.

As they ride to the funeral, Kevin has trouble tying his tie.

But I think in between that scene and just the immediate aftermath of losing him and a week later, is the stepping up and the "What would Jack do?" of it all. The surprise you ask?

Randall Pearson (Niles Fitch) and his teenage siblings feel the effects of their father's death in NBC's 'This Is Us'. Fed up, Jack insists that they walk home and drives the auto home himself. The wise old man listens to the widow as she spouts her honest belief that she won't survive without her husband. "It's insane, like when she puts on the Rebecca old age makeup and gets into her costume that's mom, it's that simple". Dr. K is remarried and happy and shares memories of Jack coming to meet him for parental advice, unbeknownst to Rebecca. While you wait for our recap check out all our NCIS New Orleans news, spoilers, recaps & more, right here!

As we do every episode, we're going to single out the show's most powerful moments, scoring them by how many tissues we tore through just to watch them. His death was a pivotal moment for the family, but it is not the end of his story.

As for the next episodes, which don't start back up until February 27 after the Olympics, the sneak peek shows that Jack's story is just beginning.

On Tuesday night's new episode of the NBC series, what we effectively saw was that it was a returning Dr. K who was able to tell Rebecca that she can carry on and move forward with her family after the death of Jack. Until then there should be plenty of recovery time from this heart wrenching episode.

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