February 19, 2018

Schumer Says 'No Deal' on Trump Immigration Proposal

29 January 2018, 05:23 | Christie Tate

NATION-NOW Trump team unveils new immigration framework with path to citizenship for DREAMers Trump team unveils new immigration framework

NATION-NOW     Trump team unveils new immigration framework with path to citizenship for DREAMers     
       Trump team unveils new immigration framework


The US takes in about one million legal immigrants annually, and almost 13% of the country's residents were born overseas, the highest share in almost a century. What are we expecting to hear? "This Dreamer thing. I call it a bad dream for America".

Under the White House framework, young-adult illegal border crossers and visa overstayers would get immediate benefits, including, most importantly, the right to compete with Americans in the permanent job market.

The Trump administration has had a fraught relationship at times with countries to its south, and the President often used Mexico as a target during his campaign, even pledging that the country would pay for his border wall.

The DACA protections apply to about 700,000 people, but White House officials said there were at least that many illegal immigrants who qualified for the program but did not sign up for it.

And the scheme, unveiled at the White House while Trump was on his way to hobnob with global elites in Davos, Switzerland, also drew scorn from backers of the Dreamers, including the Service Employees, Sen. And I'll just say that this morning, he's arguing the economy is doing well by getting into a Twitter argument with Jay Z.

While not exactly what conservatives were looking for this statement hit some of the key concerns conservatives have expressed during past immigration debates - especially ending chain migration and the terrorist-riddled visa lottery and of course building the wall.

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Ward will be part of a crowded GOP Senate primary field in Arizona in 2018 that will include GOP Rep. Martha McSally, who represents the second congressional district along part of Arizona's southern border, and controversial former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who received a presidential pardon in August 2017.

While Democrats took exception to the proposed border wall funding, the majority of their pushback focused on possible changes to the legal immigration system. When Senate Republicans excluded a deal for Dreamers in the appropriations legislation, many Democrats rejected it. And even if they won't be targeted for deportation - although they could be, as the government has a vast amount of personal information on each Dreamer that they were required to turn over to apply for the program - without the DACA program, its recipients will lose their work permits.

"When I see people saying that they should not have chain migration, I call that family reunification".

And yet, Trump and his supporters feel they are riding a wave of momentum. In a tweet, Marter said the White House canceled a briefing for a bipartisan group of senators that had been set for Monday with Chief of Staff John Kelly and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. They - like, all the rhetoric coming from President Trump, from aids like Stephen Miller.

"I think it's about time and with the time frame approaching, I think it's going to be good".

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Let's look at the Republican response. "In contrast, the House has been working on rational, coherent policy in the form of the Goodlatte bill, which fully anticipates the unintended consequences that amnesty will certainly bring and deals with them in a rational manner". I think a lot of that depends on the State of the Union because this is something that House Republicans feel firmly about.

Since the very first day, politicians have been divided on immigration issues related to this American immigration policy, but under the presidency of Donald Trump, DACA has been under scrutiny. You can give them a little more money for border security, some promises about reducing illegal entry. And we should not go out of our way to accommodate those who play it safe - and then have the gall to come around and expect a share of the bounty.

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