January 20, 2018

Steven Spielberg crafts a riveting watch!

14 January 2018, 03:55 | Dan Bryan

Tom Hanks plays Ben Bradlee) and Meryl Streep plays Katharine Graham in Steven Spielberg's"The Post

Tom Hanks plays Ben Bradlee) and Meryl Streep plays Katharine Graham in Steven Spielberg's

Director and stars of The Post Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep have voiced their enthusiastic support for a future President Oprah Winfrey during an interview with the BBC.

The Post is without a doubt relevant at a time of attacks on the media and the #MeToo movement.

Daniel Ellsberg, a DoD researcher in South Asian sector, gets disillusioned with the government after he sees them adopting a conflicting stand on the Vietnam war that is opposed to the facts at hand. Not only do we have an American president who has declared the mainstream press "fake" and "the enemy of the people", but we have a gender reckoning all over America which couldn't possibly be more in need of a rousing tale of an unlikely American heroine.

We've seen a lot of iterations of Steven Spielberg, from Sci-Fi Spielberg (Minority Report, War of the Worlds) to Prestige Spielberg (Schindler's List, Lincoln) to Middlebrow Schmaltz Spielberg (The Terminal, War Horse).

Washington Post owner Kay Graham (Meryl Streep in a quiet performance that ends in an exclamation point) is caught between saving the family business by appealing to its shareholders and not battling the president, or joining the paper's editor-in-crusader Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) in a march down a potentially calamitous path for the paper, her family's business, and her reputation should the Supreme Court rule against the Post and Times. It wasn't even the No. 1 newspaper in Washington, D.C., at the time. The newspaper, in a sense, was part of her dowry, and she took it for granted that her husband should be in charge.

Graham is at the centre of The Post, a figure both relatable in her relative inexperience and somewhat removed in her privilege.

Streep also joked with Kimmel about her reaction to Mariah Carey accidentally stealing her seat next to Spielberg after returning from a commercial break.

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On Air Force One flying back to the United States, Ellsberg is asked to meet with Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood) in the forward compartment. "She wasn't raised to have an opinion". "The Post" is set in 1971 and deals with the Washington Post's decision to publish the Pentagon Papers, a leaked secret report that proved that just about everything the Johnson administration had said about the war was a lie. As the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, isn't taken seriously by the men in the boardroom, and she knows it. "Kate throws a great party", sneers Arthur Parsons (Bradley Whitford) not quite out of earshot. The company, then struggling, was about to go public, and the male board members were afraid doing so would hurt them financially.

Her eye-catching piece boasted a daring waterfall frill down one-side which fell to her knee and added a chic style flair to ensemble.

The Oscar-winning actress headlines Steven Spielberg's latest film, portraying The Washington Post publisher Katharine "Kay" Graham as she contemplates publishing the Pentagon Papers, documents that revealed the USA had secretly enlarged the scope of its actions in the Vietnam War.

While Hannah's script focused on the fascinating relationship between Graham and Bradlee, Spielberg was concerned about explaining what the Pentagon Papers were to audiences.

Co-screenwriter Josh Singer also co-wrote the exemplary newspaper-driven story "Spotlight". (That all happens offscreen.) Something more fundamental is going on here: Bradlee and Graham have to decide whether, in this chilly environment, it's worth taking the risk to publish in the first place. Both got Golden Globe and other nominations, as did the movie.

Spielberg apparently wanted the same from Tom Hanks and even gave him some acting tips.

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