March 22, 2018

LGBT Advocacy Groups Talk Trump Transgender Ban

01 August 2017, 11:11 | Christie Tate

LGBT Advocacy Groups Talk Trump Transgender Ban

Claim Trump Transgender Ban Made to Stop Spending Fight

"They're serving in elite units, like SEAL Team 6 (and) in the Joint Chiefs of Staff office".

"There's a reason why Secretary (James) Mattis did not issue this, there is a reason why no general made a decision to talk about this, because it's embarrassing and it's dumb", Gallego said.

Trump's stated goal is to prevent disorder among the ranks. "It's unjust and disruptive to strip that away from them now".

An estimated 15,000 service members in armed forces are transgender.

Military leaders responsibly tried to calm the unnecessary chaos created by the commander in chief.

So, what does the military brass think about Trump's decision?

Trump's ban, posted to Twitter Wednesday rather than any formal announcement, drew bipartisan denunciations and threw now serving transgender soldiers into limbo.

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Almost a week after President Donald Trump wrote a tweet that appeared to reinstate a ban on transgender service members, the United States military is still awaiting formal direction from the White House regarding any potential policy changes, a spokesman for the Pentagon said Monday.

But a government report counters those assumptions. The study discovered that allowing transgender people in the army would have negligible impact on readiness and health care costs for the Pentagon.

In the letter, dated July 28, the senators write "at a minimum" the Pentagon shouldn't separate any service members based on their gender identity until the transgender service review Mattis announced June 30 is complete; he's reported back to Congress challenges he foresees in retaining and recruiting transgender troops; and has determined the Pentagon is unable to meet these challenges. The idea that a few thousand such people will disrupt a military with more than 1 million active-duty personnel is farcical - the same garbage used to fight racial and gender integration, and open service by gays and lesbians. And since we did it without the Military knowing about it, also proves that the Military has NO IDEA how many Transgender Military soldiers are in their ranks and have no way to control us from serving, so why try.

That includes Erika Stoltz of Sun Prairie, whom State Journal reporter Steven Verburg profiled in Friday's newspaper.

But those early worries largely dissipated when Mattis testified before the Hill, where the Pentagon chief said he was "shocked" by poor military readiness and he endorsed extra spending.

"I think if someone makes it through basic training, which is tough, I really wouldn't care about their social identity, so long as they are a good soldier and would have my back", said Julian Moreno, of Middleburg, who served in Afghanistan. "They're born that way". They, at the very least, deserve more than a string of inaccurate, ellipses-joined Twitter insults. But on the other side of the aisle, the religious right applauded this announcement and proclaimed that this was just another tactic in making America great again. In addition to depriving them of the respect they deserve from their government, Trump puts them at risk: To continue serving, transgender personnel will have to hide their identities, which in turn will make them less likely to come forward with health concerns or reports of sexual assault.

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