March 22, 2018

Taoiseach Criticises Trump's Plan To Ban Transgender Military Personnel

31 July 2017, 08:40 | Christie Tate

Taoiseach Criticises Trump's Plan To Ban Transgender Military Personnel

Taoiseach Criticises Trump's Plan To Ban Transgender Military Personnel

As if he doesn't have enough controversy to contend with, President Donald Trump created yet another distraction last week.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said guidance on how to "fully implement this policy" is still to be worked out.

It's unclear which members of Congress went around the Department of Defense to the White House, yet all but 24 Republican representatives voted for an amendment banning military funding of gender reassignment surgeries several weeks ago.

Mattis has been on vacation this week and has been publicly silent. Hatch said the military shouldn't discriminate against anybody. Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said the services will allow transgender troops to remain in uniform until Mattis receives an authoritative order to remove them.

Social conservatives are savoring a rare victory in the armed forces' long battle of the sexes, toasting President Trump's Twitter announcement that there will be no transgender troops. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter and so spoke on condition of anonymity.

Trump's stated goal is to prevent disorder among the ranks.

General Mark Milley, chief of staff of the US Army, said he had no advance knowledge of the president's decision before it was announced.

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Akbarian, who said his chain of command was supportive as he transitioned from female to male, said his time to re-enlist is coming up and he might stay to ensure there is a strong voice for transgender troops like himself. Until then, nothing changes, he added, citing the Dunford memo. It also found that countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom saw no effect on military readiness.

As for the "tremendous medical costs" that would result if transgender people were allowed to continue serving, the Rand study is the gold standard on that question as well.

Many were surprised with the announcement this past week that President Donald Trump was instituting a ban on transgender individuals serving in the US military. White trans people are far more likely to come out than any other ethnicity and the military was often a safe place for them to get an education and health care and valuable life skills.

"They relied on assurances by our government that they could serve openly and they detrimentally relied upon that and to kick them out now, given their courage in serving openly and being a face of trans service members, I think that's incredibly sad", she said.

Now the Rapid City parents of a transgender woman on active duty in the Air Force, are speaking out. "Transgender service members are serving with honor and distinction today and we ask that you, as our Secretary of Defense, assure them that their service will not be ended simply because of who they are". But his tweet did just the opposite - it caused disruption. There had been no presumption that the extra six months was a prelude to a total ban.

Opinions about the ban probably will not have lasting impact on the president's overall public support, said Jan Leighley, an expert in political behaviour at American University.

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