August 19, 2017

Small Businesses Unsure About Health Care

30 July 2017, 10:55 | Christie Tate

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Traveling Friday afternoon, President Trump responded to questions about the health care vote by saying, "It's going to be fine". Analysts point out that the Trump administration, particularly through the Department of Health and Human Services, has many options at its disposal if undermining the A.C.A. were a deliberate aim.

Assurances don't look to be coming anytime soon.

"I have no doubt today that because I was able to make decisions regarding my health care that were in line with my values, my pregnancy was less stressful, my birth and recovery were easier, and my son was healthier, thanks to the Affordable Care Act", she said.

Instead, President Donald Trump declared that he wants to "Let Obamacare implode, and then do it", even though that would devastate millions of Americans, including many who voted for him.

Numerous governors targeted have said no to the administration's offer, predicting that such low-income residents still could not afford the private coverage.

And as more time passes without a clear statement on what exactly he meant by these tweets, others are continuing to press the president for answers.

The feds provide about $700 million to help poor people in California cover the cost of their deductibles and copayments.

A second plan being discussed is one used by the state of IN, which seeks to advise and reward first-time health care consumers on the best way to manage their plan and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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"Once those people aren't getting health insurance, that raises the costs for everyone, including people who think they aren't going to be touched by this because they have employer health insurance", she said. They may also lose trust in their government and their elected leaders, and, eventually, in democratic government itself. Because every state would be in charge of implementing its own health insurance system, which could run the gamut from keeping the ACA in place, to starting from scratch, and everything in between, an estimate with any degree of reliability would be virtually impossible.

In many parts of the country, there is only one insurer in the individual market and next year, there could be no insurers at all in at least 47 counties.

Although the House is beginning the August recess, its members have been told to be on call, "so that we can come back and work with the Senate on a bill that will lower costs and increase competition and give our states more flexibility", Hill added.

Grassroots activism from disability-rights advocates and other affected groups has made finding 50 votes for the Better Care Reconciliation Act very hard - in part because of the legislation's caps on Medicaid spending and repeal of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion. "People's lives are in the balance", he said.

Of course, all shoppers will be hurt if insurers leave markets, noted Urban Institute health economist Linda Blumberg. But the Republican from Little Rock said the issue isn't going away.

Republicans were downtrodden in their defeat, but Obama was thrilled that his landmark legislation was standing the test of time and praised the efforts of those who helped stop the repeal. Insurers do not want to see these potential investments wasted.

Almost 40 counties now have no choices for next year on their exchanges. The health and economic stability of millions of people depend on our elected leaders working together to preserve gains in coverage and ensure hospitals have the resources necessary to meet their mission of caring for those in need. The same John McCain who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, and the same John McCain Trump mocked two years ago this month for having been captured during the Vietnam War.

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