August 21, 2017

Charlie Gard dies in hospice, reports say

29 July 2017, 04:14 | Katie Chavez

Charlie Gard will be moved to hospice for final hours: Judge

A British judge is set to rule on where Charlie Gard a baby with a rare genetic disease will spend the last days of his

Charlie was diagnosed with a form of mitochondrial disease, a rare condition that causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage at eight weeks old. Considered terminally ill, he also could not breathe unaided, see or hear.

His case moved from family tragedy to worldwide legal drama because of a disagreement between his parents and his doctors over his care.

Born on August 4 of a year ago, Gard's condition was discovered in September and he was admitted to the Great Ormund Street Hospital (GOSH) the following month, in October.

Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to that question.

The tot had been the subject of a long legal battle between his parents and Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he was being treated. They said that the doctors could withdraw life-support.

Under British law, it is common for courts to intervene when parents and doctors disagree on the treatment of a child. And that's exactly what happened. On March 13, the case was reviewed by the High Court, and a decision to remove the baby's life support was concluded after seeing chances of any treatment.

Their pleas for help gained worldwide attention, with both President Trump and Pope Francis offering support.

Earlier this month Columbia University Medical Center neurologist Dr. Michio Hirano offered to try a new experimental therapy on Charlie.

On Monday, July 24, Charlie's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, announced that they had made the courageous decision to end their legal battle over treatment for their son.

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Yet the risk of losing coverage may appear manageable to people in good health who expect to have modest medical bills. Originally introduced June 26, it is now in its third version and is nearly certain to be altered further.

That debate will linger, as will the heartbreak and grief Yates and Gard must endure.

On July 24, Charlie's parents officially withdrew their application to take their son to the USA for treatment, ending their legal battle. A court denied their request to take him home from the hospital on Thursday, and he was instead sent to a children's hospice, according to the Guardian.

"We deeply regret that profound and heartfelt differences between Charlie's doctors and his parents have played out in court over such a protracted period", Great Ormond Street Hospital said in a statement, The New York Times reported. Mr Justice Frances made the order on Thursday afternoon, a few hours after the deadline passed for Charlie's end-of-life plan.

Charlie had required invasive ventilation - a treatment where air is forced into the lungs - that can "only be provided in a hospital setting" with specialized management from medical professionals, the hospital said.

Francis said Charlie's mother and father had accepted that the only options for their son "are the hospital or the hospice". "The priority of our medical staff has always been Charlie".

"We promised Charlie every day we would take him home".

His mother Connie Yates said amid sobs that "What if it was your child?"

"We only wanted to give him a chance of life", she said through tears.

Despite us and our legal team working tirelessly to arrange this near-impossible task, the judge has ordered against what we arranged and has agreed to what Great Ormond Street Hospital asked. He was 11 months old.

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